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Over 18 years of innovative
Multi-Asset investment management

About Providentia

providing multi-asset investment management and advisory services to institutional and professional clients globally

Providentia Capital is an investment management group with a mission to strategically navigate global markets, providing multi-asset investment management and advisory services to institutional and professional clients around the world. With over 100 years of combined experience, Providentia Capital in London uses asymmetric risk-reward strategies to generate alpha, supported by a team of research professionals at our sister company Providentia Analytics in Oxford.

The Bespoke Approach

Our flexible services adapt to each client’s specific requirements

Providentia Capital is an investment management group with a mission to strategically navigate global markets, providing multi-asset investment management and advisory services to institutional and professional clients around the world.

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Discretionary Portfolio Management

We offer our clients an investment management service through customized portfolio construction, driven by their liquidity requirements, risk tolerance and market parameters.

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Advisory Portfolio Management

Clients are at the centre of this service, where they decide the level of their involvement and how much of our investment services they may require. Our platform supports a full suite of investment services, coupled with the team’s continuous support for clients who prefer to be more involved in their portfolio management.

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Family Office

Our specialist and innovative service for Family Offices is tailored to disrupt the industry. The aim is to give our clients access to institutional level advice and platforms. By utilising big data, we look to minimise risk concentration across their portfolios, as well as monetise hundreds of dislocations across the global markets.

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Private equity/ Venture Capital

Providentia Capital has extensive experience in the Venture Capital and Private equity space. We mainly operate as an opportunistic equity investment and buyout firm. We provide equity for a broad range of companies, investing in primary and secondary venture rounds, private equity rounds, and purchasing companies outright. We work with family offices and institutional firms directly to align their investment theses with those of the right companies to help drive our investors and the entrepreneur’s goals. Our primary aim is finding companies that have an experienced management team with demonstrated product market fit, and strong financial results with a potential incremental growth path.

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Applying Creativity and innovation to global markets

Meet The Partners

Driven by a spirit of curiosity and innovation

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Gulamabbas founded Providentia Capital LLP in London in 2004, and built a team of experienced professionals to provide global tactical asset allocation and risk management services to institutions ranging from large asset managers, to hedge funds and family offices.  In response to client requests, he established Providentia Analytics Ltd, a specialist advisory service based in Oxford, providing a suite of proprietary ‘big data’ models for identifying alpha from market dislocations, together with risk analysis based on quality of diversification.

Prior to establishing the Providentia group, Gulamabbas was at Baring Asset Management from 1998 in London and Boston, focussing on quantitative asset allocation, economics and global investment strategy.  Gulamabbas is actively engaged in academia, teaching at the University of Oxford, where he has undertaken a doctorate and served as Graduate Ambassador.  In addition, he holds four masters’ degrees and has been awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst and MSTA designations (with distinction). He shares his experience at conferences and lectures globally.

Gulamabbas Lakha

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Amine is an Emerging Markets professional with over seventeen years of experience in Investment Management, Portfolio Management and Capital Markets’ Trading.  Prior to joining Providentia Capital LLP as a partner, Amine served as a Director at leading investment banks in the MENA region. He was part of their Portfolio managers specialised across multi-asset classes. Amine also served as the Head of Trading with a Pioneer Private bank in Dubai’s DIFC, creating with his team opportunities for GCC investors in the midst of the 2008 market meltdown. Amine kicked‐off his career in trading various MENA asset classes which naturally evolved to trading Emerging Markets. Amine holds a Bachelor of Economics from the American University of Beirut.

Amine Fehmi

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Sami has over 18 years of experience in trading Emerging Markets with a focus on fixed income and equities.

Prior to joining Providentia Capital as a partner, he was a director at one of the tier one investment banks in Lebanon where he helped set up the bank’s Fixed Income trading business.

Previously, he was the head of trading at one of the leading private banks in Dubai. Earlier in his career, he was an equity broker at a Dubai firm covering the GCC region. He began his trading career as an FX derivatives broker in Lebanon.

Sami holds a BS in Finance and Economics from the Lebanese American University.

Sami Khreiss

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Bassel gained considerable experience from his 18 years of trading the financial markets. His latest role as a director in a top tier investment bank in Lebanon culminates that experience as he helped set up the bank’s Fixed income trading business. Earlier in his career Bassel worked for SHUAA Capital in Dubai where he moved up the ranks from the equities execution desk to managing the company’s fixed income proprietary book. Before that, he started his career in equity sales trading in Lebanon. Bassel holds a B.S. in Biology and a B.S. in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.

Bassel Barbir